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The Scottish Veterans Care Network is a collaborative National Strategic Network, operated by the National Services Division of NHS National Services Scotland (NSS).

The primary purpose of the Scottish Veterans Care Network is to support a ‘Once for Scotland’ approach to the planning, design and delivery of an integrated, holistic, person-centred care pathway across the health and social care system. 

The Scottish Veterans Care Network aims to bring together the wide range of stakeholders that are involved in providing specialist health and social care for veterans, professionals, veterans and voluntary groups.

The objectives of the SVCN have been agreed with a wide range of stakeholders, including Scottish Government, NHS Boards, Integrated Joint Boards and other relevant partners.

Improving standards wherever possible and achieving parity of veteran care, at a consistent level across Scotland, will further support our shared commitment to “leaving no one behind” and fulfilling the pledge of the Armed Forces Covenant.

Scotland’s veterans’ community is more than 220,000-strong. There is an opportunity to enable positive transformation in health and well-being for veterans, their families and their wider communities.

Veterans will feel empowered to identify their needs, and co-produce services.  This will ensure the best possible outcomes for Veterans, through better access to high quality specialist care/services.


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