In order to ensure that the Veterans Mental Health and Wellbeing Plan can be accessed by as many people as possible, the SVCN have adapted the plan into a variety of accessible formats. Please use the links below to find the format most suitable to your needs:


  • Braille (available upon request by contacting

  • Easy Read (capturing the vital information of the Action Plan using simpler vocabulary and corresponding pictures to aid with comprehension)

  • Easier To Read (simplified vocabulary of the Action Plan, but more comprehensive than the Easy read version)

  • Links to an audio version (see below)

The Action Plan has been co-produced by people who know and understand what it is to serve in the Armed Forces, in collaboration with people who know about health and mental health care, service design and implementation. Through the SVCN, they have joined forces to address the long-standing need to ensure that veterans can access consistently high-quality services, regardless of their location.


The Action Plan’s thirty-eight recommendations are based upon the following three key Principles:

  • Principle 1: Veterans will have equal access to mental health and wellbeing services, regardless of where they live.
  • Principle 2: Veterans should be able to access the right help at the right time
  • Principle 3: NHS Boards, Health and Social Care Partnerships, Local Authorities and the Third Sector should be appropriately supported to meet the needs of veterans and develop and deliver Veterans Mental Health and Wellbeing Support and Services.

The SVCN would like to thank everyone involved in the Action Plan’s development, especially the veterans and their families who have played a crucial role in informing the Plan’s themes and recommendations.


To access the audio version:

Scan the QRcode below or access

Scroll to the relevant track and click on the appropriate title. A new page will open – simply click the green circular play button to begin playback!