SVCN Strategy

This paper sets out the strategy for the Scottish Veterans Care Network (SVCN) and its governance structures.

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The Scottish Veterans Care Network (SVCN) Strategy Document was ratified and endorsed by the NHS Chief Executives Group on 4 August 2020.

The Strategy sets out the ways in which the SVCN will bring partners together to collaborate to improve the quality of life of for veterans in Scotland, optimising their health and well-being and enhancing their potential within society.
It sets out:

  • background/context to the SVCN
  • branding for the SVCN
  • key strategic drivers
  • scope of the Network
  • proposed membership of the Network
  • Network aims
  • Network objectives
  • chronological development of the SVCN
  • proposed governance and delivery structures
  • development of the working groups/facets
  • reporting and accountability
  • next steps

It was agreed that the Network required a Strategic Network framework. The SVCN therefore became part of the Strategic Network team in NSD, NHS NSS. This enables the Networks to:

  • learn from best practice and other successful Strategic Networks.
  • maximise the skills, expertise and resource in NSD around delivering networks, including stakeholder engagement, service planning and project management.
  • build on established organisational links with national and regional service planning, commissioning and IT and digital.